Test Information

To locate information on a particular test, click on the relevant letter and follow the trail. eg To find information on sample requirements, test availability and turnaround time for FeLV, click on "F" and then click on the relevant test (FeLV soluble Ag or FeLV IFA).

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Please note: All turnaround times are quoted from the time of arrival at laboratory Monday-Friday

Suitable Sample:
  • PC
  • LH
  • EDTA
  • FL
Unsuitable Sample:
  • Lipaemic sample
Minimum Sample Size:
  • 1 mL whole blood
Turnaround Time:
  • 12 hours
Request/Test Included in:
  • Request test
  • RP 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Camelid profile
  • If the glucose is elevated, the BOHB is automatically included in:
    • CP 2, 4
    • FP 2, 5
Internal Use Only:
  • Did in house comparison of serum vs fluoride oxalate plasma 10-9-2010
  • Excellent correlation (r2 = 0/9914, slope 0.98)
Internal Codes: B01/B02 (included in CP2, FP2 if appropriate
Internal Laboratory: VP
Internal Test Volume: 75 uL
Koala - Chlamydia by PCR
(Chlamydia - Koala by PCR)
Suitable Sample:
  • Conjunctival swab
  • Cloacal swab
  • See below for sample collection
Unsuitable Sample:
  • Blood
  • Swabs in transport medium
Minimum Sample Size:
  • One swab
  • If more than one swab is submitted per animal, each swab is charged for separately
Turnaround Time:
  • 5-10 days depending on the day the sample is received
  • Contact the laboratory to confirm expected turnaround time
Request/Test Included in:
  • Chlamydia PCR for koalas


  • Use a dry sterile cotton swab to collect the sample.
  • Moisten the swab with tears or exudate and vigorously swab both conjunctival sacs and/or cloaca.
  • Place the swab in a sterile container and refrigerate.
  • Use a separate container for each animal if collecting from more than one animal.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Do not place in transport medium.
Internal Use Only:
  • See Client Information Sheet DCI-10 (this is for the Feline respiratory panel, but gives the collection method)
  • Run each Tuesday morning, results available Tuesday afternoon.
  • Samples must arrive at Vetpath by 11 am Thursday before the test is run.
Internal Codes: G03
Internal Laboratory: University of Melbourne PCR Laboratory
Internal Test Volume:
KOH (fungal microscopy)
(Fungal Microscopy - KOH)
Suitable Sample:
  • Hairs
  • Skin scrape
Unsuitable Sample:
Minimum Sample Size:
  • Very small samples are less likely to yield a positive result.


Turnaround Time:
  • 12 Hours


Request/Test Included in:
  • Request test (KOH)
  • KOH micro & fungal culture
  • The sensitivity of KOH microscopy is not as high as culture and a negative result does not rule out dermatophyte infection.


Internal Use Only:
Internal Codes:
  • DO1
  • D04
  • DO2
  • DO3 (multiples)
Internal Laboratory: VP
Internal Test Volume: