Export Testing Services

VETPATH provide a range of tests for animal export.

The following tests are included:

  • Babesia gibsoni IFAT serology CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • Babesia gibsoni PCR
  • Babesia spp. smear examination
  • Leishmania spp. IFAT serology
  • Microfilaria (Dirofilaria immitis) concentration
  • Heartworm Antigen test

For other Export tests available please contact Vetpath directly.

Combos available:

New Zealand comboBabesia gibsoni IFAT serology, Heartworm antigen test.

South Africa combo -  Babesia gibsoni IFAT serology and smear, Heartworm conc, Leishmania, Brucella canis, Trypanosoma evansi CAT and Giemsa smear.

CLICK HERE to download our Export Submission form

Rabies serological testing

VETPATH are also agents for BIOBEST in Australia providing Rabies serological testing in accordance with the PETS scheme for dogs and cats moving to the United Kingdom.

For this test only please submit the BIOBEST Submission form together with each sample. This can be downloaded from the BIOBEST website. From here, use the pull-down menu to select Rabies Laboratory Submission Form. This form is to be sent with the sample to VETPATH.

More information regarding rabies serological testing can be found from the above biobest link