Export Testing Services

VETPATH provide a range of tests for animal export.

The following tests are available:

  • Babesia spp. smear examination
  • Leishmania infantum IFAT serology
  • Microfilaria (Dirofilaria immitis) concentration
  • Heartworm Antigen test

Other export tests can be referred to other laboratories.

Combos available:

New Zealand comboBabesia gibsoni PCR (WA only - referred Test), Heartworm antigen test. Please click here for further information 

South Africa partial comboBabesia gibsoni smear, Heartworm conc, Leishmania infantum IFA, Trypanosoma evansi CAT and Giemsa smear.

CLICK HERE to download our Export Submission form

Tips for submitting export samples:

  • Fast the animal overnight to avoid haemolysis.
  • Collect blood samples carefully to avoid haemolysis.
  • Centrifuge clotted samples and submit separated serum to avoid haemolysis.
  • Keep the samples cool if possible. Samples are stable for 7 days if stored appropriately.
  • Submit early in the week to avoid transport over the weekend which can lead to delays.
  • Ensure the Vetpath export submission form is completed with the date of sample collection, animal’s name, age and microchip number.
  • On site export testing is performed on Tuesdays and the sample must be at the laboratory by Monday night to be tested on Tuesday. Turn around time (TAT) of the testing will depend on when the samples arrive at the lab. Referred export testing has a longer TAT.

Rabies serological testing for export is now referred to the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (formally AAHL) in Geelong, Victoria. Information about transporting pets from Australia to the UK can be found at:

Bringing your pet dog, cat or ferret to Great Britain: Overview - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)