Serology Timetable

Please note: All samples must be at the laboratory by COB the day before to be tested. Results are available by 2pm the following day.

Test Sample Requirement Days Run
ANA IFA Plain clotted/serum Monday and Thursday
B.caballi and B.equi ELISA Plain clotted/serum Tuesday
Canine Parvo / Distemper IFA                         Plain clotted/serum Wednesday
Chlamydia IFA 2 air-dried smears of exudate (area the size of a 5 cent coin on each slide). Feline samples: conjunctival or exudate Avian samples: cloacal swab/smear, fresh liver. Do NOT refrigerate. Thursday
E. canis IFA Plain clotted/serum Tuesday
Feline Calici / Herpes / Panleuk IFA Plain clotted/serum Wednesday
Feline Coronavirus Titre IFA Plain clotted/serum Monday and Thursday
Leishmania IFA Plain clotted/serum Tuesday
Neospora IFA  Plain clotted/serum Monday and Thursday
Oestrone sulphate ELISA Plain clotted/serum Tuesday
PMSG ELISA  Plain clotted/serum Tuesday
Toxo IFA – IgG/IgM  Plain clotted/serum Monday and Thursday

Kit serology is performed daily Monday to Friday. This includes Cryptococcus latex agglutination, FIV and FeLV RIM, Heartworm antigen, Bladder tumour antigen, relaxin.