2021 VNews

September*When and how to perform a liver biopsy *Swabs for PCR testing *Order of draw for blood tubes
August*Tips for respiratory PCR testing at Vetpath *SVS Webinar for August *IgG testing in foals *Dropping off samples to the laboratory
July*New faces at Vetpath *New processes at the Jandakot Laboratory *No price rise in July 2021 *SVS Webinar in July
June*We have moved! *Submission bags *SVS webinar for June *Citrate tubes
April*We are moving! *SVS webinar seriees *Easter and ANZAC Day hours Vetpath supplies and consumables
March*BRAF urine test for urothelial cancer now available *Vaccination status IFA *Cefovecin and urine cultures *Relocation update *Vetpath supplies and consumables
February*COVID-19 update *Current concepts in the management of urinary tract infections *Faecal occult blood
January*Happy New Year *Recreational drug screening *New pocket pet profile *Hypercoagulability and Cushing's disease

2020 VNews

December*New Vetpath logo *EDTA and cultures *VNews archive
November*Unlabelled samples *Urine SG with panels and profiles *Red priority bags *Poisons affecting the liver
October*New laboratory progress *Feline nutrition webinar *Blood smear preparation Happy Vet Nurse's Day! *Expired blood tubes
September*Product and Price List *Ehrlichiosis in dogs
August*Free webinar *New building update *Ordering supplies *Feline Coronavirus
July*Vale Tony *Factor VII deficiency *Dr Flaminia Coiacetto *Equine serum amyloid A
June*CSF webinar *Vetpath Product and Price List *Did you read this article? *Factors affecting urine SG
May*Vetpath is on Facebook *Free webinar *Down the microscope *Refractometer maintenance *COVID-19 update
April*Welcome Lisa *COVID-19 *Exotic animal reference intervals *Culture of submitted samples *Changing antimicrobial sensitivity sets at Vetpath
March*Quality management - is it important? *Down the microscope *Antibody titre testing for canine parvovirus
February*Is acute polyradic-uloneuritis in dogs associated with Campylobacter infection? *Storage of urine *Cytology slide preparation
January*FIV testing *Blood sample haemolysis *Does needle size matter for fine needle aspirates

2019 VNews

December*The intestinal microbiome in diarrhoeic dogs and cats in Perth *Christmas and New Year hours
November*Serum magnesium and CDK in cats *Free webinar! *Coagulation screening for liver biopsies *Diabetic monitoring panel
October*Submission of CSF *Collection of samples for PCR *Diagnosis of Ovarian Remnant Syndrome in dogs
September*Can ultrasound predict urinary sediment? *Baseline cortisol measurement and trilostane monitoring *Can you identify these structures?
August*Flow cytometry *What is the difference between histochemical and immunohistochemical staining?
July*Hypercalcaemia *New Product & Price List *Xylitol toxicity in dogs *Sample labelling
June*New Cardiac Troponin I assay *Down the microscope *Testing kittens for FeLV and FIV
May*Multi-drug resistant infections *Instagram! *Lymph node staging for oral melanoma and SCC *Can ear washes help in treating otitis externa?
April*Progesterone *In what order should I fill my blood collections tubes? *Questions? Check out our website!
March*What's your diagnosis? *Ask us anything! *Lungworm in dogs and cats
February*Blood testing for aspergillosis *Sending samples during summer *Is free T4 useful in cats? *Synovial fluid
January*DGGR lipase *What is "poik"? *ACTH stimulation test - what protocol should I follow? *Coomb's test

2018 VNews

December*What the numbers don't tell you! *AMH - An overview *Sample labelling
October*Antimicrobial resistance - a threat to human and animal health
September*Paracetamol toxicity *Vaccination titres *Down the scope!
August*Vetpath Equine Inflammatory Profile *Hypoadrenocorticism in brief *Swabs for PCR
July*Case of the month *Hypoadrenocorticism in brief *DGGR lipase
June*Mammary gland cytology *Tips for therapeutic drug monitoring
May*New haematology analyzer *Should skin be surgically prepared before biopsy *ACTH and LDDS Test protocols
April*AMH *CRP
March*Fine needle aspiration of abdominal organs *I have a faecal sample-what should I do with it? *Coagulation screens
February*What sample should I submit *What is canine leproid granuloma syndrome
January*IGF-1 is now available for cats *Measurement of urine protein

2017 VNews

December*Haemostatic abnormalities in heatstroke *Helpful hints to assist in identifying and preserving surgical margins
November*C-reactive protein *Cytology fees *Snake Season
October *Serum Fructosamine concentration *Ionized Calcium *How do I interpret a Titre *New PCR Panels now available
September*Canine aspergillosis *Check before you submit!
August*Welcome to Dr Audra Walsh *AMH in pocket pets *The effect of BCS on clinical pathology data
July*Serum BOHB concentrations *Is a positive really a positive *Fluoride tubes
June*Canine Parvovirus-2c in Australia *How long does a culture swab last? *Why is my cytology inconclusive?
May*Babesia gibsoni in WA *What does "criteria of malignancy" mean
April*News cars *Vaccination status testing *Cytologic criteria for MCt grading
March*ACTH dose for diagnosis and monitoring HAC *What is serum protein electrophoresis
February*Encephalitozoon cuniculi *Antibiotics sensitivity panel *How should samples for culture be submitted
January *Flow Cytometry. *Which blood tubes do I use?

2016 VNews

December *Haematology - What the machines don't tell us. *Equine Glucose Tolerance panel *AMH Concentration for diagnosis of CCT
November *Why is my culture negative *Urine Wet Micro *Synovial fluid facts
October *What is this "New" bacteria *Using Urea & Creatinine to assess Renal Function *DGGR Lipase in cats
September*DGGR Lipase is now routinely used at Vetpath. *Avian Blood samples.
August*Welcome to Dr Celia Smuts *Why is Fasting important? *BOHB in Cats
July*How accurate is the platelet count? *Urine Cytology *New Immulite
June*Should Endocrine tests be routine? *Polyarthritis Screens
May*Is it real and is it relevant? *The facts on formalin *Beware the under filled citrate tube
April*New FIV test available *Effect of castration on UPCR in dogs *Pre-anaesthetic screen *Rodenticide toxicity
March*What's new in microbiology? *Protecting your patients and staff *Polymerase Chain Reaction
Feburary*How does storage affect urine? *DGGR lipase is now routinely used *How to optimise sample submission for histopathology
January*Diagnostic use of serum bile acids *Beware the BBQ left overs *Charging of histopathology and cytology

2015 VNews

December*Pathology of Heat Stroke *Which culture is best and how do I transport samples? *Snake venom detection test
November*New lipase test *Feline thyroid pane *Labelling of slides *Paired Cryptococcus antigen titres *Protein measurement in non-domestic veterinary species
October*Antibiotic susceptibility in urinary tract infections *ACTH stimulation test protocols *Haematology at Vetpath
September*Faecal PCR for Clostridium perfringens *Anti-Müllerian Hormones in horses *Drug-associated blood cell reactions *ACTH stim tests *Flow cytometry
August*What is PCR? *Therapeutic monitoring of levetiracetam levels *Sample storage
July*Diagnostic testing for feline uveitis *What is in vitro haemolysis and how does it affect my results?
June*Serial analysis of Cardiac Troponin I *Which urine test should I select? *FIP Screen discontinued
May*Diagnostic challenges with FIP *Breed-specific haematology
April*Single vs paired measurement of eACTH for diagnosis of PPID *Biochemical evaluation of liver disease vs. liver dysfunction
March*Association between oestrus and onset of epilepsy in dogs *Confirmation of Campylobacter infection
Feburary*T and B cell immunocytochemistry on lymphoma smears
January*Urine Dipstick Analysis *Polyarthritis screen *Beta Haemolytic Streptococcus cultures in horses

2014 VNews

December*Trilostane monitoring *Pre-purchase equine drug screening
November*Snake bite season *Feline Coronavirus PCR testing *Synacthen Depot
October*Changes in reporting of resistant bacteria *Canine pancreatic lipase in Cushingoid dogs *Canine thyroid panel *Tips for haematology samples
September*Multiplex PCR faecal panel *Synacthen shortage and diagnostic alternatives for Addison's disease *Cytology smears
August*Toxicology testing *Haematology comments *Coomb's test
July*Synacthen shortage *Anti-Müllerian Hormone *Small animal faecal analysis *How do I store faecal samples?
June*Diagnosis of canine Cushing's disease *What is a titre? *Blood contamination and cytology
May*Portosystemic shunts and serum bile acids in Maltese dogs *Cytological evaluation of neoplasia *Assessment of haemostasis
April*Avian and reptile blood samples *Monitoring trilostane treatment *What factors can affect total solids protein?
March*ACTH stimulation tests *Canine thyroid panel *Sensitivity panels *Blood smears
February*Paediatric Clinical Pathology *What are toxic changes? *Fluoride samples
January*AMH in cats *Monitoring chronic renal disease

2020 VNews

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2020 VNews

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