Packing Samples - Commercial Couriers

Consignment note

"Overnight First Class" is the only category covered by Vetpath on pre-paid consignment notes. Use of other categories will incur surcharges that will be added to your account. Do not mark the consignment note for Saturday or Same Day delivery, as this will incur a surcharge. 

If you do not have our account number please contact Vetpath PH 08 9259 3600. 

If you are not using a fully preprinted consigment note from Vetpath please ensure you complete the con note with the details below. (Click to see connote example attached).

Failure to do so may result in the package being returned to you.

The consignment note must show the text "DIAGNOSTIC SPECIMEN PACKED IN COMPLIANCE WITH IATA PACKING INSTRUCTION 650" in the 'Description of packaging'box.

Please also write "NOT DANGEROUS GOODS" in the special instruction box. 
Make sure that the containers and the package do not mention dangerous goods. Any stickers that might imply that should be removed or obliterated with a black felt pen.
Place up to 3 LabMailers into a Diagnostic Specimen Bag. Check that this does not exceed the recommended 3 kg limit then seal the bag and then apply the consignment note to the outside of the bag.
Contact TNT on telephone number 13 11 50 to arrange a pick-up Australia wide.

Primary receptacle(s)

These include blood tubes, specimen pots, transport media tubes etc. Each specimen container is considered to be a primary receptacle. Each must be watertight. If screw capped containers are used these may be reinforced with adhesive tape. If multiple specimens are placed in a single secondary packaging they must be wrapped individually (eg. cotton wool, ziplock bag etc.) to ensure that contact between them is minimised.

Absorbent material

There must be sufficient absorbent material (for example cotton wool) to absorb the entire liquid contents of all specimen containers inside the 500ml container.

Secondary packaging

In the canisters supplied by Vetpath (known as LabMailers) the secondary packaging is the 500ml screw topped container. If not using the labmailers please enure the secondary packaging is a solid container and is watertight.
NOTE: the INSTRUCTION indicates that refrigerant (ie. Envirofreeze sachet) must be placed outside the secondary packaging(s) ie. between the 500ml pot and the cardboard outer canister. We suggest you place the Envirofreeze sachet(s) in a small zip-lock bag to prevent leakage of water. If ice is used the outer packaging must be leak-proof.

Outer packaging (ie. Cardboard labmailer)

Securely tape both ends of the LabMailer. If you use outer packing other than a LabMailer please make sure it also solid and approx luchbox size.. The completed Vetpath Laboratory Request Form(s) must be enclosed between the 500ml pot and the outer canister. These packages are then to be placed inside a courier bag with the con note applied to the outside.